Colored Pencil Techniques: How to Color Flowers and Leaves

In this article, we will explore colored pencil techniques to help you tackle the popular flora and fauna patterns found in coloring books. These techniques can also be applied to add some extra flair to your coloring pages, even if flowers and leaves aren’t your thing.

Learn Basic Colored Pencil Techniques

Discover 7 essential colored pencil techniques that you can use to enhance your coloring skills, whether you’re coloring flowers and leaves or any other design. These techniques are versatile and easy to apply, and can add depth and texture to your artwork. Improve your coloring with these tips and get inspired for your next coloring project!

  1. Pressure Shading
  2. Scumbling
  3. Hatching
  4. Cross Hatching
  5. Directional Lines
  6. Blending
  7. Burnishing