Color Theory Three Tips With Pictures

Creating a beautiful coloring page involves various components such as coloring materials, page design, and practice. However, one of the most crucial factors is understanding which colors to use and how to apply them effectively.

This is where color theory comes in! In this article, The Coloring Book Club provides three color theory tips that can help you produce stunning coloring pages.

Tip 1: Know Your Color Wheel

Having a basic understanding of color creation is essential to comprehending which colors work well together.

Tip 2: Understand Color Harmony

The 12 basic colors are described in the color wheel, and understanding color harmony can help you determine which colors complement each other to produce visually appealing outcomes.

Tip 3: Limit Your Colors

Simplify! In color theory, using fewer colors is often better. Using too many colors can result in an unbalanced, chaotic array of colors on your coloring page. When first learning about color theory, choose three or four colors that match one of the color harmonies mentioned above and limit yourself to using only those colors on your page.