How to Color with Colored Pencils

Are your colored pencils producing lackluster colors? Looking to enhance your pencil coloring skills or seeking a beginner’s guide to coloring with pencils?

Our comprehensive guide, “How to Color with Colored Pencils,” has got you covered. Find answers to all your questions and more. Grab a coloring page, sharpen your pencils, and put our tips and tricks to the test.


Colored pencils vary in quality. Cheaper options typically have harder wax leads and less pigment, resulting in duller colors and incomplete coverage on the paper’s surface.

Additionally, their hard leads are more prone to breakage, rendering the pencil unusable if it breaks throughout its length.

Stay sharp

High-quality colored pencils allow for regular sharpening, which is essential for detailed coloring. A sharp pencil tip is ideal for precise and intricate coloring.

On the other hand, thicker and rounded tips may result in less control and less vibrant colors.

Get even

To achieve an even color with your coloring pencil, the amount of pressure applied is crucial. Applying more pressure will result in a darker color while applying less pressure will produce a lighter color.

It can be tempting to push the pencil too hard to achieve the darkest shade, but this will likely cause the lead to break and result in a scratchy finish.

Additionally, it will give you less control over the coloring process.