Coloring Techniques for Feathers and Plumage

This month’s cheat sheet is all about coloring feathers, which are a popular subject in adult coloring due to their intricate patterns and vibrant colors found in nature. Whether you’re coloring a bird-themed page, a repeating feather pattern, or a fashion-themed page with feather boas, this cheat sheet provides helpful tips and techniques for coloring … Read more

3 Simple Techniques to Enhance Your Coloring Page

I love how coloring can help you relax and focus on creating beautiful designs with a variety of colors. However, after filling in flat colors for a while, you may want to try something new and experiment with adding texture to your pictures. This technique is accessible to both beginners and more advanced colorers, so … Read more

How to Print Coloring Pages for Adults

Are you tired of ordinary coloring books and eager to explore the wide variety of free coloring pages available online? But do you need guidance on how to print them? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on How to Print Coloring Pages for Adults. Additionally, we have … Read more

Color Theory Three Tips With Pictures

Creating a beautiful coloring page involves various components such as coloring materials, page design, and practice. However, one of the most crucial factors is understanding which colors to use and how to apply them effectively. This is where color theory comes in! In this article, The Coloring Book Club provides three color theory tips that … Read more

Colored Pencil Techniques: How to Color Flowers and Leaves

In this article, we will explore colored pencil techniques to help you tackle the popular flora and fauna patterns found in coloring books. These techniques can also be applied to add some extra flair to your coloring pages, even if flowers and leaves aren’t your thing. Learn Basic Colored Pencil Techniques Discover 7 essential colored … Read more

Five Tips for Colored Pencils Shading

In this article, we will explore five tips or techniques that make shading with colored pencils easy and enjoyable. These techniques can add depth to any design and expand the range of a limited number of pencils to hundreds of variations. 1. Pressure Shading To achieve shading, you can adjust the pressure on your pencil, … Read more

Coloring Techniques – Stippling and Pointillism

Our flower and leaf coloring guide covered 7 fundamental coloring techniques. In this month’s blog, we present an additional skill to enhance your coloring prowess: pointillism, also known as stippling. Stippling involves using dots to create depth and texture in your artwork. Our blog post will demonstrate the basics of stippling in 5 steps, complete … Read more

Adult Coloring 9 Questions Answered

The world of adult coloring is full of questions, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced colorist. Why are there so many coloring books on the market? How can you improve your coloring skills? In this article, answers 9 of the most frequently asked questions about adult coloring. Join us for a rapid-fire Q&A … Read more

Adult Coloring Storage Wars

Adult coloring is a creative, fun, and relaxing activity, but it can also be messy. Not the “coloring outside of the lines” or “ink on your clothes” kind of messy, but the “pens all over the place” and “where did I put my coloring supplies?” kind of messy. In this blog post, provides some … Read more

How to Color with Colored Pencils

Are your colored pencils producing lackluster colors? Looking to enhance your pencil coloring skills or seeking a beginner’s guide to coloring with pencils? Our comprehensive guide, “How to Color with Colored Pencils,” has got you covered. Find answers to all your questions and more. Grab a coloring page, sharpen your pencils, and put our tips … Read more

4 Reasons Adults Are Coloring Now

Coloring is not limited to kids anymore. It’s not just a way to kill time on a rainy day for those under 10. Adults worldwide are now engaging in this activity, which has become the latest trend for reducing stress. Many adults prefer coloring over medication or other therapies to manage their stress. There are … Read more

Adult Coloring: Still Trending?

Earlier this year, The Coloring Book Club reported on the surge in popularity of adult coloring, citing it as the hottest trend of 2015. Six months have passed, prompting us to revisit the topic and determine whether the trend has subsided. The resounding answer is no – adult coloring remains a highly popular trend and … Read more

4 Reasons Why Adults Who Color Are Smarter

Coloring has been found to have numerous benefits for adults, including promoting relaxation, enhancing creativity, and boosting overall happiness. Engaging in coloring is not limited to children, and if you are seeking a productive break to stimulate your creative thoughts, it may be a suitable option for you. Research shows that adults who color have … Read more