Adult Coloring: Still Trending?

Earlier this year, The Coloring Book Club reported on the surge in popularity of adult coloring, citing it as the hottest trend of 2015. Six months have passed, prompting us to revisit the topic and determine whether the trend has subsided.

The resounding answer is no – adult coloring remains a highly popular trend and shows no signs of fading away. Enthusiasts continue to fuel the trend by purchasing numerous coloring books and colored pencils, which manufacturers struggle to keep in stock due to the high demand.

Additionally, subscribers to monthly coloring pages are growing, and online competitions such as our May coloring challenge are helping to spread the word about coloring.

As the popularity of coloring as a pastime continues, businesses are beginning to recognize the value of adult coloring enthusiasts as a community that can benefit the marketing industry. Coloring is no longer solely about book and art supply sales, as it has become a means of attracting a mindful, creative community to brands and businesses.

This community includes you! Both established corporations and emerging startups are showcasing the endurance of the adult coloring trend by developing unique marketing campaigns centered around coloring pages.