About Chrissy James

Chrissy James painting in scenic location


  • Entrepreneur
  • Web developer
  • Founder and operator of the online business TheColoringBook.club


  • Artistic talent and knowledge of colors
  • Web development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Running an online business
  • Combination of creativity and technology


  • Attended Stuyvesant High School
  • Degree from Columbia University
    • Major in Computer Science
    • Minor in Fine Arts

Born in New York City in 1990, Chrissy James grew up loving colors. Her mom and dad ran a small art shop. She went to Stuyvesant High School and later got a degree from Columbia University in 2012. She studied Computer Science and also did some Fine Arts.

In 2006, while still in college, Chrissy started a real-life coloring book club. By 2015, she made a simple yet cool website called TheColoringBook.club. It had lots of free printable coloring sheets for kids and adults. It got popular fast. After working in web design for a bit, she chose in 2017 to focus only on her website. This choice made the site even more popular.

Now, Chrissy lives and works in New York, running her online business from an office with a river view. She’s a role model for young people who want to start their own thing. Her story shows how mixing art and tech can make something great.