3 Simple Techniques to Enhance Your Coloring Page

I love how coloring can help you relax and focus on creating beautiful designs with a variety of colors. However, after filling in flat colors for a while, you may want to try something new and experiment with adding texture to your pictures.

This technique is accessible to both beginners and more advanced colorers, so anyone can try it out. In this article, we’ll explore some examples of texture in coloring using the free coloring ebook from thecoloringbook.club.

Download a copy and follow along or use these ideas as inspiration for your own unique creations.


Enhance the appeal of your coloring page by adding your own line doodles. The examples below demonstrate how a simple pattern repeated with a darker shade of orange circles can provide extra depth and interest to a heart shape colored with pencil. For more great ideas, read this article on doodle art. Alternatively, try breaking up the flat color in other shapes by following existing lines.

Go Dotty

A simple way to add interest to your coloring design is by following the existing lines with a series of dots in a contrasting color. This technique instantly lifts the flat color and attracts the eye. In the example below, the flat color of the teapot is given a boost with a series of darker dotted lines that follow the rim of the teapot lid. The pattern is also repeated around the leaf design on the lid to give the coloring an extra pop.

Make a Dash for It

This chameleon design from page 4 of the free ebook [link] features a detailed creature perched on a lush branch. You can enhance the design of the branch by adding dashes to it! This will not only add more depth and realism to the branch, but also break up the flat areas of color. It’s a simpler technique than some of the more advanced shading techniques you may have seen.